Stable Flemming

In 1978 the basis was laid for the present day Stable Flemming. This horse trading company started from Westmaas The Netherlands, exploiting a horse riding school. We have grown to become an professional and international horse stable.

Stable Flemming is a Aequor 4 certified horse training company.
Clients can always count on a good, honest and personal service based on a lot of knowledge of the horse business.
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Our mission:

We approach horsebackriding and the training of horses inspired by 1. the Happy Atlete and 2. the classic principals of horsebackriding.
That Ingrith learned from the best: Mrs. Cees Benedictus-Liefting, Piet Oothout, Bert Rutten, Rien vd Schaft, Tineke Bartels and Johan Rockx.

In order to achieve this, we start with looking at the horse, his level of training, his pedigree, his background, his character and his experience. Based on this information we proceed with training and education. All this without any force, because we believe that compulsion will only result in difficulties later on.


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